Show Entries



As part of Tasmanian State Legislation the online safety induction should be completed for all Volunteers, Stewards, Judges, Exhibitors who will be onsite, Staff and Contractors. Complete your online safety induction HERE
Section SchedulesEntries OpenEntries CloseSchedule DownloadAnimal & Participant Risk Acknowledgement Waivers.
Alpacas2019 coming soon2018 Alpaca ScheduleAnimal Handling Waiver

Art on Show2019 coming soon2018 Art on Show Schedule & Entry Form
Beef Cattle2019 coming soon2018 Beef Cattle ScheduleAnimal Handling Waiver
Cats2019 coming soon2018 Cat ScheduleAnimal Handling Waiver
Cavies Pure Bred Classes2019 coming soon2018 Pure Bred Cavies ScheduleAnimal Handling Waiver
Cavies Pet Classes2019 coming soon2018 Pet Cavies ScheduleAnimal Handling Waiver
Commercial Cattle2019 coming soonCommercial Cattle Schedule Animal Handling Waiver
Commercial Lambs2019 coming soonCommercial Lambs ScheduleAnimal Handling Waiver
Commercial Pigs2019 coming soonCommercial Pigs ScheduleAnimal Handling Waiver
Dairy Cattle2019 coming soon2018 Dairy Cattle ScheduleAnimal Handling Waiver
Dogs / Kennel2019 coming soon2018 Kennel SchedulePremium Parking Application
Participate Waiver
Equestrian2019 coming soon2018 Equestrian Schedule
2018 Equestrian Pony club Schedule
Animal Handling Individual Waiver
Ferrets2019 coming soon2018 Ferrets Schedule2018 Animal Handling Waiver
FleecePlease call Chris Heyward to enter: 0429 120 1712017 Fleece Schedule
Goats - Angora, Dairy & Miniature2019 coming soon2018 Dairy & Angora Goats Schedule
2018 Mini Goats Schedule
2018 Animal Handling Waiver
Homecrafts2019 coming soon2018 Homecrafts ScheduleParticipant Risk Acknowledgement Waiver
Homecrafts – Schools and Youth 2019 coming soon2018 Homecrafts – Schools and Youth ScheduleParticipant Risk Acknowledgement Waiver
Miniature Horses2019 coming soon2018 Miniature Horses Schedule2018 Animal Handling Waiver
Poultry, Pigeons & Canaries2019 coming soon2018 Poultry, Pigeons & Canary ScheduleAnimal Handling Waiver
Rabbits2019 coming soon2018 Rabbits Schedule
Stud Sheep2019 coming soon2018 Stud Sheep ScheduleAnimal Handling Waiver
Youth Art & Student Photography2019 coming soon2018 Youth Art & Student Photography ScheduleParticipant Risk Acknowledgement Waiver
Woodchopping2019 coming soon2018 Woodchopping ScheduleParticipant Risk Acknowledgement Waiver