Cattle first came to Australia on the First Fleet in 1788. The cattle did poorly in the tough Australian conditions so different breeds from Europe, including Shorthorn and Hereford, were transported to Australia to improve quality. The majority of beef cattle in Australia are low in fat but high in iron which promotes strong and healthy young people._DSC9685

Beef cattle handlers use a stick called a ‘Show Cane’. This is used to help position the cattle’s feet so they have the correct stance and then to tickle or scratch them to keep them still and quiet while they are being judged. They are never used to harm an animal.

A Junior Beef Cattle Judging competition will take place in the morning on Thursday. At 9am on Friday the Junior Beef Handling Competition will be held for all those interested.

2016 will see a resurgence in our beef cattle exhibits thanks to some hard work from a new and very enthusiastic committee.  Expect to see some exhibitors that have not shown for many years,  We look forward to the best beef cattle exhibit we have seen for years.