Animal Nursery


The Animal Nursery is by far the cutest part of the show and it’s not every day we get a chance to get up close and personal with the many different animals on display. We have a variety of baby animals, and their mums, including sows and piglets, cows and calves, as well as ducklings, chickens, cavies (guinea pigs) and even sea-horses, reptiles and other aquarium dwellers! Animal Nursery

Visit the Patting Pen a hands-on area in the Nursery where children can meet, stroke, cuddle, hold and talk to some of these friendly little animals.

There’s even a hatching display, so come along and watch some of these little babies come into the world for the first time! Plus, you can have your picture taken with the Mercury newspaper at the photo stall inside the Nursery.

Look out for Reptile Rescue and an array of snakes and lizards in here as well.

WARNING: Touching and petting of animals is considered high risk for PREGNANT WOMAN; CHILDREN UNDER 5; and those who are IMUNODEFICIENT.  Contact should be avoided and hands _DSC9701washed if contact occurs.  All others should wash hands as a precaution.