Event & Function Rooms

Derwent Room

Located in the upper level Main Grandstand complex this room can be customised to suit your needs. It is popular for birthdays, weddings, sports functions, fundraisers and events in general. It can also be combined with the Members Bar and increase it’s capacity to 350 guests.

We can source everything from table centres to entertainment and AV requirements and our friendly staff can advise and are happy to assist with your plans and layout or you can leave it all up to us!

TheatreClassroomBoard RoomU ShapeCocktailSeated
200 50-80 60-80 60-70 500 250-350
Wellington Room

Located in the upper level main grandstand complex the Wellington Room comprises of two areas that can be used in conjunction with one another or separately. Ideal as a meeting room with a break out room to the side or as a function room for seated dinners. This room is extremely versatile.

TheatreClassroomBoard RoomU ShapeCocktailSeated
50 20 30 30 60 40
Members Bar

The Members Bar, located in the main grandstand is a smaller more intimate bar with room for smaller parties, weddings and cocktail evenings.  It can also be easily converted into a smaller conference, meeting or training area.  The wellington Room right next door can be utilised as a break out room or as a separate lunch area.

TheatreClassroomBoard RoomU ShapeCocktailSeated
80 20-30 40 30 60-80 80
Grandstand Hall

Do you have a function involving 400 or more guests? Then this is the place for you. Large expos from Christmas and corporate functions to music concerts and dance parties, this is a highly functional area. The size (800m2) and design of the Grandstand Hall allows us to offer any number of setups limited only by your imagination.

TheatreClassroomBoard RoomU ShapeCocktailSeated
1,200 100-400 N/A N/A 1,500 1,000
Art Pavilion

Imagination is the limit in this building!  The Art Pavilion is certainly a unique space to hold an event. One side carpeted and the other side of the building being more rustic in decoration it is the perfect venue for those of you with lots of imagination or looking for a special theme.  It is also a great space for retail sales.

TheatreClassroomBoard RoomU ShapeCocktailSeated
50 30-60 30 30 150 80-100
Cattle Shed

Product launches, themed weddings and any type of event that just needs to be that little bit different.  Full of rustic feel, a unique experience can be had in this space.

TheatreClassroomBoard RoomU ShapeCocktailSeated
30-50 N/A N/A N/A 60-150 N/A
CWA Building

Adjacent to the Brooker Highway an ideal spot to be recognised by passing traffic.  A smaller space but still unique.  Workshops, retail sales and auctions are just some of the events we have had in this building.

TheatreClassroomBoard RoomU ShapeCocktailSeated
20 20 N/A N/A 60 50