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To enter online please click here:
As part of Tasmanian State Legislation the online safety induction should be completed
For Volunteers, Stewards, Judges, Exhibitors who will be onsite, Staff & Contractors
Please click here to complete Online Safety Induction:

**Please check back here in 2017 for Entry dates for the 2017 Royal Hobart Show.**

Section SchedulesEntries OpenEntries CloseSchedule DownloadAnimal & Participant Risk Acknowledgement Waivers.
Art on ShowNOW OPENSaturday, 7 Oct 20172017 Art on Show Entry Form
Beef CattleNOW OPENFriday, 1 Sept 20172017 Beef Cattle ScheduleAnimal Handling Waiver
CatsNOW OPENFriday, 29 Sept 20172017 Cat SheduleAnimal Handling Waiver
CaviesNOW OPEN Friday, 29 Sept 20172017 Cavy ScheduleAnimal Handling Waiver
Commercial CattleNOW OPENSaturday, 30 Sept 2017Commercial Cattle Schedule Animal Handling Waiver
Commercial LambsNOW OPENSaturday, 30 Sept 2017Commercial Lambs ScheduleAnimal Handling Waiver
Commercial PigsNOW OPENSaturday, 30 Sept 2017Commercial Pigs ScheduleAnimal Handling Waiver
Dairy CattleNOW OPEN1 Sept 20172017 Dairy Cattle ScheduleAnimal Handling Waiver
Dogs / KennelNOW OPEN11 Sept 20172017 Kennel Schedule
2017 Kennel Premium Parking Application
Animal Handling Waiver
EquestrianNOW OPENThursday, 7 Sept 20172017 Equestrian ScheduleAnimal Handling Individual Waiver
FleecePlease call Chris Heyward to enter: 0429 120 171Monday, 2 October 20172017 Fleece Schedule
Goats - Angora & DairyTBATBAAnimal Handling Waiver
HomecraftsNOW OPENSaturday, 30 Sept 20172017 Homecrafts ScheduleParticipant Risk Acknowledgement Waiver
Poultry, Pigeons & CanariesNOW OPENFriday, 29 Sept 20172017 Poultry & Canary ScheduleAnimal Handling Waiver
RabbitsTBATBAAnimal Handling Waiver
Stud SheepTBAFriday, 29 Sept 2017Animal Handling Waiver
Youth Art & Student PhotographyNOW OPENFriday, 29 Sept 20172017 Youth Art & Student Photography ScheduleParticipant Risk Acknowledgement Waiver
WoodchoppingNOW OPENFriday, 18 Aug 20172017 Woodchopping ScheduleParticipant Risk Acknowledgement Waiver

If entering in our Poultry Sections at the 2017 Royal Hobart Show please view the video below in relation to Biosecurity.