Code of Conduct

Conditions of Use

Camping / Caravan / Motor Home Parking

The Hobart Showground is operated by the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania (est. 1821).  We are a not for profit entity not supported by any Government or Council.  All money raised by us is spent on improving our grounds and presenting quality events that showcase agriculture.

  • Dogs should be kept on a leash when not in your own motor home. They should always be kept on a leash when being exercised, and be sure to remove and thoughtfully dispose of any droppings. (please refer to the Glenorchy City Council publication, “ Your Dog and the Law”)
  • Generators can cause noise and smell, please use discretion when using generators
  • For the comfort of other campers and our permanent neighbours please keep noise levels to a respectable level
  • Keep your laundry within the confines of your vehicle or awning, no washing is to be hung on the public road or main highway side of your vehicle or on fences around the grounds
  • A dump site is provided for discharge of grey and black water on arrival or departure, please do not discharge grey water on the ground
  • As per standard CMCA practice a full bucket of water should be placed beside your vehicle
  • Dispose of rubbish and waste in the allocated wheelie bins or skip bins
  • Adhere to all speed limits and traffic signage within the site – 10 km per hour
  • Adhere to general signage and instruction from authorised RAST staff on site, your courtesy would be appreciated
  • Be aware that there are other users including pedestrians and animals
  • Please do not pass on swipe cards to other campers
  • Bad behaviour, foul language, abuse, intimidation or any other discourteous behavior will not be tolerated
  • Refunds will be solely at the discretion of management, the caretaker has no authority in this regard
  • Enjoy your stay!
Office Hours
9.00am to 5.00pm Weekdays
Swipe Cards Return swipe cards to admin, caretaker or place in after hours slot with bank details or contact address so we can refund deposit.

Please see the Motorhome Park Homepage for our Site Plan

Operations Manager
03 6272 6812