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Hobart Showground Email: carly@hobartshowground.com.au
PO Box 94, Glenorchy. TAS. 7010 Web: www.hobartshowground.com.au/show
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Please ensure you read and understand the Prospectus when it becomes available.

For additional Exhibitor resources, please visit the Commercial Exhibitors webpage.

Important Information

Promotional Opportunities

The Royal Hobart Show provides an incredible marketing opportunity for those businesses that want to set up and expose their products and/or services to the equivalent of 25% of the greater Hobart population in one place over 4 days.

The Royal Hobart Show offers a number of targeted promotional opportunities for Commercial Exhibitors that provide excellent exposure for exhibitor products, displays and services in the lead up to and during the Show. People and businesses interact with our facebook page in the month of the Show. All promotional prizes and offers must be posted or delivered to the Administration Building at Hobart Showground by close of business 30th September. Prizes and offers will not be accepted after this date.

See Section 6 of this application form for details.

Exhibitor Manual

The Royal Hobart Show Exhibitor Manual will be available on our website. The manual contains essential information for Exhibitors about the Show. All Exhibitors should familiarise themselves with the contents and retain a copy to refer to on-site.

Food and Temporary Structure Permits

Please note that there are provisions that must be adhered to under Australian Food and Building standards and that charges will apply. Exhibitors are advised that it is in their interest to deal with these issues as part of the application process. Late applications will incur penalties or refusal to admit exhibitor.

In the case of a Temporary Structure the Exhibitor is required to submit a Certificate of Likely Compliance supplied by a Building Surveyor to RAST. See Section 3.

Electrical Supply

All power supply must be ordered and paid for as part of your application. You must supply your own in date tested and tagged electrical cord, and should carry barrier tape or protective strips to cover your cord. Unauthorised and unprotected connection to Showground power supply will not be tolerated and will incur penalties.

Site Safety

Safety of Exhibits must be to the standard required by Workplace Safety Authority, Electrical Standards, and any State or Local Council requirements. Exhibitors duty of care is to assist and comply with these instructions. It forms part of The Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania’s Safety & Risk Management Policy. Your Safety and Risk Assessment Card will be found in your Exhibitor Manual. The daily completed Risk Assessment Card must be held at the site.

SECTION 1: Your Contact Details

Billing Name * ABN/ACN *
Trading Name * ◄ Trading Name appears in Exhibitor Catalogue
First Name * Phone *  Email *
Surname * Mobile *   Fax
Postal Address * Suburb/City/Town *
State Postcode *      


◄ Which year did you last exhibit at the Royal Hobart Show?

* Indicates mandatory field

SECTION 2: Your Products

2A. As per Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) definitions are your products: *


List all your products and services *

You will be asked to supply a full menu of all products to be sold at the Show with prices before your application can be processed in full

Please list all products and/or services for sale (or attach product/service brochure/list). The Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania (RAST) reserves the right to determine which products/services may be sold or promoted at the Show. If your products require a licence to be sold within Australia, you will be required to provide a copy before your application is accepted.

2B. Do you sell promotional packages/bags and/or showbags? *

In accordance with the Department of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading, you must submit samples of your product for inspection. RAST requires two (2) samples of your promotional / showbagss with a list of all included items with this application. Samples must be received no later than 1st October. Sample items are used for promotions after inspection.

2C. Do you sell products that contain pre-packaged or ready to eat /drink food or beverage? *

All Food and Beverage Vendors must apply for a Food Business Permit which will be issued by Glenorchy City Council. Permit Form will be sent to you on completion of your Application, fees do apply. Your Permit must be displayed at your site.

2D. All Food and Beverage Vendors (including alcohol) to complete.
In accordance with Glenorchy City Council (GCC) guidelines?

May contain pathogenic micro-organisms and will support the rapid formation of toxins or growth of pathogenic micro-organisms unless kept at controlled temperatures. Examples are: meat; poultry; seafood; dairy; eggs; smallgoods; cooked rice and pasta.

Unlikely to contain micro-organisms and will not normally support their growth due to food characteristics. Examples are: grains; cereals; bread; fats; oils; milks, hot beverages, carbonated beverages and sugar based confectionaery .

Food Van must be registered within the state of Tasmania and a copy of the registration will need to be supplied for your booking to be confirmed

2E. Do you sell and/or sample alcohol?

Selling and/or sampling alcohol is subject to RAST approval. Strict requirements must be met. All Exhibitors selling and/or sampling alcoholic product must complete the Liquor Permit section of the Booking Form. All liquor Exhibitors will be required to provide copies of RSA Certificates for all staff working at their site. Copies of RSA Certificates must also be held at the Exhibitor’s site during the event.

SECTION 3: About Your Exhibit

3A. Does your exhibit include a tent, marquee or hoecker?*

NOTE: Special requirements exist for structures with the purpose of general use 20sqm and larger; and for food purposes 10sqm and larger.

Any structure erected by the exhibitor or supplied to the exhibitor must conform to current regulations regarding temporary structures, as enforced by Glenorchy City Council. Structures requiring permits are food marquees, hoeckers and tents over 10 square metres. All general marquees, hoeckers or tents over 20 square metres. Please enquire about obtaining a Temporary Occupancy Permit at Glenorchy City Council or contact the Commercial Space Manager on 03 6272 6812.

All Exhibitors using a temporary structure of any type should note that weather conditions are unpredictable at this time of year. It is STRONGLY recommended that Exhibitors use an all weather, compliant structure from a reputable supplier. Market gazeboes and general use structures are NOT SUITABLE. Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that their structures are properly anchored with appropriate devices. Dynabolts, stakes and other pegging devices are NOT TO BE USED ON ANY SEALED SURFACES on RAST property. Offenders will incur a minimum penalty of $500. RAST accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for damage to any Exhibitor structure or resultant loss of business.
3B. Do you require power for your site? *

Please list all equipment detailing watts and amps for each item requiring power.

Food Exhibitors are encouraged to use gas wherever possible to minimise impact and reliance on Showground power supply. All Exhibitors requiring power must order their estimated power requirements in the POWER SECTION of the BOOKING FORM. Exhibitors are required to declare all power equipment detailing watts, volts and amps for all electrical items. The RAST will determine final power supply requirements and costs in accordance with Workplace Safety Standards, Electrical Authority Requirements and current legislation. Undeclared power and equipment usage on-site will be charged to the Exhibitor at the scheduled rate plus 50% and the Exhibitor shall be liable for any other resultant costs incurred. Electrical equipment not directly required for exhibition or display purposes (such as personal heaters, kettles, cooking equipment, etc) are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Exhibitors must use power strictly in accordance with RAST Terms and Conditions and comply with any reasonable request from RAST staff to ensure the maximum possible safety of all Exhibitors.

Equipment Please list all electrical items:

Units (please complete at least two of the three units for each item)


3C. Do you require water for your site?

Water connection is subject to availability and approval. All Exhibitors must supply their own water connection device.

Please state reason for accessing water ►

3D. Does your exhibit include gas, naked flames and/or compressed air?

Please list equipment details, size, quantity and reason for use: ▼

You must tell RAST if you intend to use gas, naked flames or compressed air. All Exhibitors must supply a detailed list of equipment with this application and: are subject to approval; must demonstrate compliance with Workplace Safety Standards and relevant legislation for use; and provide appropriate emergency safety equipment on their site. Please refer to Exhibitor Manual for guidelines.

SECTION 4: Vehicle and Entry Passes (all applicants please read)


All Exhibitors requiring vehicle access to the Hobart Showground for any reason during the Royal Hobart Show must apply for a vehicle permit. Permits are limited and will be granted to Exhibitors with the most need. Unauthorised vehicles will be towed off site at the vehicle owner’s expense. All Exhibitors will be required to provide a vehicle description, registration number and driver mobile number prior to approval.

Complimentary Exhibitor and Staff Passes

All Exhibitors will be issued with a complimentary Exhibitor Pack per site containing:

  • 1 x Exhibitor Medallion (1 x person unlimited entry to grounds across 4 days of event)
  • 8 x Single Day Passes (1 x person entry for single day)
  • 1 x Member Car Park Pass (1 x vehicle complimentary parking located at Elwick Member Car Park)


All additional passes must be ordered by 31 August:
Single Day Passes $13.00ea

4A. Do you intend to have a vehicle on-site at any time during the Royal Hobart Show?

Please list all vehicles and state reason for use: ▼

SECTION 5. Licences and Certificates of Currency

5A. Do you have Public Liability Insurance? *

The RAST Public Liability insurance policy does not cover Commercial Exhibitors. It is in the best interests of all Exhibitors to maintain their own public and products liability insurance. All Exhibitors in the following categories must provide proof of cover for the period of the Show: Show Rides; Games; Novelty Goods; Food Vendors.

5B. Do you serve or give samples of alcohol?

All Exhibitors selling and/or sampling alcohol are subject to RAST approval. Exhibitors must supply copies of RSA Certificates for ALL STAFF working at their site prior to final approval. Copies of RSA Certificates must also be available for inspection at the Exhibitor’s site for the duration of the event.

5C. Are you required to have a licence to sell your product within Australia? *

All Exhibitors requiring a licence to sell their product within Australia are required to submit copies of product licences. Copies should also be available for inspection at the Exhibitor’s site for the duration of the event.

SECTION 6: Promotion Opportunities

All Exhibitors participating in the Royal Hobart Show will receive a free listing in the online Exhibitor Catalogue.  For maximum benefit exhibitors should include:

Email separately to carly@hobartshowground.com.au.

6A. Please select additional promotion/s and opportunities you are interested to know more about and one of our
representatives will contact you:

Prepare your own 30 second advertisement or use a pre-recorded advertisement that will be played over the Showgrounds public address system throughout the duration of the Show.  If your advertisement is pre-recorded it must be in a Windows Media Player or MP3 format. If you are providing written words for us to convert to a voice announcement, please limit to no more than 60 words.

Email separately to carly@hobartshowground.com.au

Sponsorship can provide more mileage for your money that any other form of advertising. The Royal Hobart Show can offer numerous benefits and promotional opportunities for the right business wishing to become involved with our attendance of up to 50,000 in one of the most recognisable and highly covered events of the year. Email sponsor interest to assistant@hobartshowground.com.au.

A full Sponsor Prospectus is available.

Link to the Hobart Showground Facebook page and make your offers known to over:

  • Over 5,500 people following (as of Jan 2014)
  • A reach of over 30,000 during October, 2013
  • 14,000 views through the friends network

Join and create competitions and build buzz around your product or service for 2019. Find us at: facebook.com/HobartShowground


Available only to Showbag Exhibitors and offers free media promotion on several different levels. Showbag operators are required to supply two (2) Showbags of each type sold along with full listing and pricing no later than the 1st October.

Ask our sales staff about the best plan for your business or service and increase your sales

SECTION 7: Site Layout and Design

Exhibitors applying online may submit their site layout and design upon notification of booking acceptance. Include boundaries and dimensions of all items and any vehicles you intend to have on your site.

Booking Form

Royal Hobart Show Exhibitor Site Booking Form

  • Site fees do not include power, utility or additional passes and permit costs. Please refer to appropriate section of booking form for additional requirements.
  • All sites are space only unless otherwise stated. Minimum site 3m unless otherwise stated.
  • Final Food Permits and Temporary Structure Permit costs and process will be advised in July.
  • Sites will not be allocated until all required permits and payments have been received.
  • Site layouts and floor plans are correct at time of publication.
  • RAST reserves the right to make changes to floor plans, site layouts and site allocations.

Please enter a numeric value into at least one of the below Size and Location fields

Area 3x3m6x3m9x3mCorner Totals
Showcase/Showbag Pavilion
Indoor Boothed
Art Pavilion
Indoor Boothed
Lawn Premium
Show Village Lawn
Show Village Drive
CWA Concourse
Main Drive
Showbag Lawn/Concourse
Kennel Precinct
Tassie Showcase
Homecraft Pavilion

For pricing over 9m please contact the Commercial Space Manager on 03 6272 6812 or Email, carly@hobartshowground.com.au


Showbag Exhibitors

All fees include 5% wastage fee.
        Number of metres
Showbag Pavilion
PER SQUARE METRE (Minimum 6 sqm)
    Per metre $
  Sub Total $



Fee Schedule 2019
      Per Unit  QTY  
The site holder is responsible for ensuring that use and installation of all electrical equipment, leads and power boards meet Workplace and Safety Standards Australia and current legislation. The Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania (RAST) will determine final power supply and cost requirements.   Power 10amps - subject to approval $
  Power 15amps - subject to approval $
  Power 3-phase - subject to approval $
  3-phase distribution box $
        Sub Total $


Trade Permits

Food and Temporary Structure permits must apply to Glenorchy City Council Tel: 03-6216 2700
Per Unit  QTY  
Liquor - Exhibitors selling alcoholic product must have permission from RAST and supply an RSA certificate for all exhibition staff working on their site. $
Food Permits - Food permits application to be made direct to RAST
Temporary Structure - In the case of a Temporary Structure the Exhibitor is required to submit a Certificate of Likely Compliance supplied by a Building Surveyor to RAST


Additional Information

Please use this section to include additional detail about your application

Total Site Fees

Minimum Deposit Due $
Balance Due $


  • Bookings will not be confirmed until 50% or more deposit has been received on the total site fee.
  • All deposits must be paid within seven days of notification of booking acceptance unless otherwise arranged by the exhibitor and confirmed in writing by RAST.
  • Credit Card balances will be automatically deducted on 30 June unless otherwise arranged by the Exhibitor and confirmed in writing by RAST
  • Credit Card payments will incur a service fee of 3%
  • All site fee balances must be completed by 30 June unless otherwise arrange by the Exhibitor and confirmed in writing by RAST.
  • Outstanding balances due or bookings later after the 30 June will incur a late fee penalty rate of 10% of the outstanding balance.
  • Outstanding balances due after the 31 July will be deemed cancelled unless arrangements have been made by the Exhibitor and confirmed in writing by RAST.
  • Bookings accepted after 30 June must be paid in full upon acceptance of application to avoid late booking fee.
  • Cancellation of a booking must be advised in writing to RAST by 31 July and such cancellation  will be granted a full refund of all fees paid less a $150 processing fee
  • Cancellation of a booking after the 31 July will not be refunded.

Payment Details *


Terms and Conditions


Bookings will not be accepted without your signature or online acceptance of the RAST policies, terms and conditions as outlined on application form and on pages 11 and 12 of the Prospectus.

I agree to accept RAST policies, terms and conditions.