Quick Guide to Wine Characteristics


Describing a wine compares to writing a poem; not as easy as it would seem. Every wine tasting experience is unique because every one of us is an inimitable individual, with our own stock of aromas and flavours in memory and senses of taste and smell different to anyone else’s.

Those with a privileged nose are able to identify aromas of substances actually present in the wine. Apart from that, tasters have to explain the impressions the wine created in their mind. For all this reasons, no description of a wine tasting is ever wrong.

A suggestion: use words from your hobbies or other areas you know well. I compared describing wine to writing a poem because I am not particularly good at finding rhyming words. You could find wine as exhilarating as hooking the king trout in the river –I can attest this is truly exhilarating – or it could be a flawless performance, a symphony, an ebullient salsa party… I’m sure you have your own bank of experiences.

When it comes to the actual words, wine tasters need to borrow their vocabulary from other areas, including fruits, flowers, spices, nuts, types of wood, or metals. Trying to look for common ground, there are some words expert wine tasters habitually use. These words are not a tight standard, as several terms describe similar concepts and, sometimes, wine tasters give different meaning to the same word.

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