Can I enter my product?

If your product is available to purchase anywhere in Australia then your product is eligible for entry.  We have the following categories:  Baked Products Savoury & Sweet (includes apprentice & student section), Beverages, Breads & Rolls, Chocolate & Confectionery, Coffee, Cheese, Other Dairy Products, Goat & Sheep Products, Delicatessen Products, Herbs & Spices, Honey, Ice Cream, Olive Oil, Preserves Savoury & Sweet, Seafood.  There is also a section for “any other products”  Other Products for any product that does not fit into the above categories and our judges love any new and innovative product that you may have.

Can I attend the judging?

No, judging is a closed event and not open to the public or exhibitors.

When will the results be available?

Results will be available online at the conclusion of the announcements of the Trophy winners at the Awards Dinner.  Results will not be released prior to this date or time.

What happens if I my product is awarded a Medal or Trophy?

If your product is awarded a Trophy you may be discretely contacted to attend the the Awards Dinner.  If your product has been awarded a medal then it will be listed in the online catalogue of results.  Your company can then use the medal awarded on the product or as promotion/advertising.

Do I receive feedback about my product?

Yes.  You will receive an individual report of your products entered showing the judges scores and a brief comment.  Certificates and sashes are also included in your package.

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