Firecracker Night at the Hobart Showground is a night to enjoy!

A family friendly event for those who wish to enjoy a firework display without the expense of obtaining a permit or purchasing expensive fireworks. As a much loved family tradition across Australia, we provide an avenue to continue this tradition without obtaining your own permit. Celebrated in March each year, the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania hosts a public bonfire and firework display at the Hobart Showgrounds. This event also features children’s rides and musical entertainment. Food and drinks including alcohol will be available for purchase from the Grandstand bar upstairs in the main grandstand.

Scott Gadd, CEO of the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania (RAST) says, 

Cracker night is a great family and community tradition although its days may now be numbered due to safety considerations. So the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania (RAST) decided to mount an organised cracker night at the Showground for families to enjoy in a safe and secure environment.

A bit of history about the tradition,

Cracker night was part of Empire Day, marking Queen Victoria’s birthday. It became a firm favorite in the Australian calendar bringing communities together around the country to gather round a bonfire, light tom thumbs and Catherine wheels, and set of bungers and skyrockets.

According to Mr Gadd, “Recent years have seen authorities clamping down on cracker night because of safety concerns. But the RAST believes it is a great community-building event so long as it is conducted safely. At the Showground we can provide a safe and accessible site for an activity we want youngsters to remember fondly for the rest of their lives, just like generations of past Australians”.