Curriculum Ideas – Royal Hobart Show


Before the show

  • Undertake a unit of work focusing on food or fibre production, farming, animal care.
  • Read ‘Charlotte’s Web’.
  • Undertake a unit on dinosaurs.
  • Read over the show guide and plan your tour.
  • Make a list of 5 jobs that farmers do. Draw a piece of farming equipment and explain its purpose.
  • Complete the Dinosaur Petting Zoo and Woolworths Colouring-Ins.
  • Enter some of the many competitions designed specifically for students.
  • Agriculture is all around us. As consumers, we depend on agriculture to provide food, clothes and other things we use every day. List some products that you use in your daily life that are produced from agriculture.

During the show

  • Print out our Discovery Sheets from our website for the students to complete.  Our Stewards and volunteers will be ready to answer their questions.
  • Check out the Dinosaur Petting Zoo and Woolworths Healthy Eating Display.
  • Have a go at completing the Hobart Show word search at lunchtime (found with our Discovery Sheets on our website)
  • Interview someone about their handicraft. Ask 3 questions.
  • Using the Hobart Show map, keep record of where you visit.

After the show

  • Draw a picture of an animal and its baby from the nursery.
  • Describe your favourite animal at the show. If you were an animal what would you be and why?
  • Match animals with their babies.
  • Write a short summary or newspaper article of your day including the highlights.
  • At the show you saw examples of agriculture. What did you see related to agriculture and consumers?
  • Discuss the way weather impacts farmers and their crops.
  • Tasmanian agriculture: what grows here? What do we export?
  • Technology is used all around us. Compare sheep shearing now and in the past. How has technology changed the process of shearing?
  • Research the history of the BBX Royal Hobart Show.
  • Design a poster for the BBX Royal Hobart Show in 2026. What will the attractions be?
  • Design and make your own show bag. Include a joke, a recipe, a puzzle, a calendar, a windmill, a chatterbox, origami, paper aeroplane, etc.
  • Design a competition to attract show goers.
  • Conduct a survey to find out who goes to the show

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